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Hook rack

Organizational assistant: Keys and other small items can find a place on this hand-made hook rack.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 45

We need:

a 1.2 cm thick piece of MDF board, have it cut to 24 cm x 40 cm at the hardware store white paint (we used wall paint) nice paper scissors tesa® Easy Stick ecoLogo tesa Powerstrips® metal and plastic hooks

How we do it:

DIY Hook Rack / Step 1: Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Hook Rack / Step 2: Cut

Cut out petals from the paper, freehand. The petals can be different sizes – that gives the flowers their charm.

DIY Hook Rack / Step 3: Glue

Apply a white base coat to the board. When it's dry, make the petals into flowers - six petals per flower. Cut off excess ends and glue the petals together with tesa® Easy Stick ecoLogo.

DIY Hook Rack / Step 4: Attach Strip

Measure and mark the position of the hooks. Attach tesa Powerstrip®, the red line pointing downwards. Press firmly for five seconds.

DIY Hook Rack / Step 5: Remove film

Remove the paper.

DIY Hook Rack / Step 6: Attach Hook

Open the tesa Powerstrips® small metal plastic hook and place the back above the red line of the tesa Powerstrips®; press firmly. Close the hook and lock it into place