tesafilm® Crystal

  • Especially transparent
  • Invisible on many surfaces
  • Strong adhesion

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Main features

  • Especially transparent
  • Invisible on many surfaces
  • Strong adhesion
  • Age-resistant
  • Silent unwinding
  • PP foil and solvent-free adhesive
  • Fits all available tesafilm dispensers

Product description

The premium quality and especially transparency of tesafilm® crystal is ideal for invisible joins, fastening, repairing, fixing and packaging. The perfect adhesive tape for office, school and home.

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The tesafilm® marking film is writable and can be removed without a trace. It is available in neon-yellow and neon-pink, providing a high signal effect. The adhesive film is ideally suited for marking and writing at home and in the office. That way it helps with organizing things. Available as single roll 10m:19mm or incl. mini dispenser for free-hand usage

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With tesafilm® eco & clear tesafilm® self-adhesive tape are also available as a environment-friendly alternative.

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