tesafilm® transparent

tesafilm® transparent is a multi-purpose self-adhesive tape for general office and household use. It combines tear-resistance with strong adhesion.

  • Transparent * High tear-resistance * Strong adhesion * High age-resistance * Silent unwinding * PP-foil and solvent-free adhesive

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Main features

  • Transparent 1 High tear-resistance 1 Strong adhesion 1 High age-resistance 1 Silent unwinding 1 PP-foil and solvent-free adhesive

Product description

tesafilm® transparent is the universal self-adhesive tape for all kinds of applications in the office and around the house. The PVC-free tape is not only fully transparent. It is also equipped with a solvent-free adhesive coating offering strong bonding power. The highly tear-resistant Polypropylene film is UV resistant and therefore highly age resistance. The tape unwinds silently and can be used in any of the handheld and desktop dispensers from tesafilm®.

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