tesafilm® hand-tearable

tesafilm® hand-tearable is a very special self-adhesive tape. It features especially prepared edges for convenient and easy tearing even without a dispenser.

  • Hand-tearable, with easy-tear edges
  • Transparent
  • Reliable adhesion

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Main features

  • Hand-tearable, with easy-tear edges
  • Transparent
  • Reliable adhesion
  • High age-resistance
  • Easy unwinding
  • PP-foil and solvent-free adhesive

Product description

tesafilm® hand-tearable is the self-adhesive transparent tape designed for quick and easy application. It features special easy-tear edges to allow convenient tearing by hand even without a dispenser. The PVC-free kitchen, art and craft tape is made from Polypropylene with a solvent-free adhesive coating. It unwinds without noise and offers reliable adhesion with high age-resistance. Use it as a standard household and office equipment that is always and hand and ready to use without requiring any tools.
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tesafilm® hand-tearable is the self-adhesive tape with a difference. While it is strong and offers superior and long-lasting adhesion, it can easily be torn by hand without the need of a dispenser. This makes it the ideal transparent self-adhesive tape for all those quick jobs that come up in the household or the office.

Easy tearing even without a dispenser

Naturally, you expect a self-adhesive tape to be strong and highly resistant against tearing. But this very quality also prevents any easy tearing when you apply the tape and want to lengthen it according to your needs. Usually, this can only be done with a pair of scissors or by using the tape with one of the tesa® handheld or desktop dispensers. tesafilm® hand-tearable is the exception to the rule. This transparent self-adhesive tape is equipped with special easy-tear edges to allow easy tearing by hand.

Superior qualities for reliable adhesion

tesafilm® hand-tearable is a transparent self-adhesive tape free from PVC and any toxic solvents. It is a versatile kitchen, art, craft and household tape that is made from a strong and age-resistant Polypropylene foil and offers reliable longtime adhesion.

Universal tape for home and office

Use tesafilm® hand-tearable as a universal household and office tape that is always ready when you need it. It is perfectly suited to quickly wrap a gift, seal an envelope or stick something against the wall. Since you neither need scissors nor a dispenser to lengthen it, you are able to get any job done quickly and easily.