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Goose Egg Vase

A truly unique Easter crafts idea: The Easter Bunny has found some goose eggs, and without much effort turned them into Easter tree decorations: Small vases filled with flowers and fixed on branches sprayed in gray.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 20

We need:

Blown-out goose eggs (Since these are difficult to get at the moment, you can of course also use normal chicken eggs. However, these are smaller and more fragile, so be careful.) scissors ribbons (1.5 cm width) in different tones of gray tesa® Double-sided Adhesive Tape 10 m x 12 mm


DIY Easter Goose Egg Vase // Overview

Collect all required items and let's start!

DIY Easter Goose Egg Vase // Step 1

Carefully widen the upper opening of the blown-out egg. Break off the shell piece by piece, until the desired opening size is achieved. At first, use a scissor, then continue by hand.

DIY Easter Goose Egg Vase // Step 2

Now apply the tape along the egg.

DIY Easter Goose Egg Vase // Step 3

Remove the protective film.

DIY Easter Goose Egg Vase // Step 4

Glue the ribbon on the tape. On the left and right side of the opening, leave an extra piece of ribbon (at least approx. 15 cm). Fix the Easter egg ornaments to the branch, fill it with some water and add small flowers.