Fluff trick

Most brushes will lose a bristle or two during painting. This can be pretty annoying because you’ll either leave marks when trying to remove them, or the bristle will bug you for years to come. A better alternative: Use our ingeniously simple masking tape trick.

Level of difficulty Original & quick

We need:

tesa® Masking Tape CLASSIC (50 m x 19 mm)

How we do it:

DIY Fluffy Trick / Step 1: Description

When painting a room, you generally mask everything you don’t want to paint. Next, a brush is usually used to paint around windows and doors. In doing so, most brushes lose bristles that are difficult to remove because the paint either smears or is already dry, leaving a mark.

DIY Fluffy Trick / Step 2: Trick

Therefore, when painting always check if any bristles are visible. Then quickly fold a piece of masking tape so that the adhesive surface faces outwards, carefully dab over the still damp paint and - voilà - the bristle will stick to the masking tape and the surface will be immaculate!