tesa trendpapier 9 / Idee 2: Kartons / Aufmacher quer

Keeping things beautifully organized - Boxes

One for ribbons and bows, the next for papers and a third one for odds and ends – these boxes are true works of art and help you to keep things in order.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 15

We need:

Sturdy white cardboard boxes brush crafting paint in various pastel colors tesa® masking tape Precision Sensitive (25 mm)

How we do it:

DIY Boxes / Step 1: Apply masking tape

Apply masking tape to selected areas of the boxes; press it down firmly.

DIY Boxes / Step 2: Paint

02Apply crafting paint to the areas

Apply crafting paint to the areas, making sure to brush the paint away from the masking tape so that it doesn't leak under it.

DIY Boxes / Step 3: Remove

03Let the paint dry somewhat, then remove the masking tape

Let the paint dry somewhat, then remove the masking tape. Leave the box to dry fully.