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Tableware - pastel accents

Splashes of color. I bet no one else has breakfast tableware like this! With moldable tesa® masking tape Flexible, you'll have a handle on your taping jobs in no time.

Level of difficulty For ambitious hands
Duration 20

We need:

White tableware porcelain paint in green red, blue, yellow and white paint brush folding tool tesa® masking tape Flexible

How we do it:

DIY Tableware / Step 1: Mask

01Clean the tableware thoroughly

Clean the tableware thoroughly. Cover the surfaces that are to be painted with tesa® masking tape Flexible.

DIY Tableware / Step 2: Press edges

02Press the tape firmly onto the edges with the folding tool

Press the tape firmly to the edges with the folding tool so that no paint can leak under it.

DIY Tableware / Step 3: Paint

Mix your desired color with the porcelain paint and apply the paint with the brush. To keep the paint from leaking under, brush it away from the tape.

DIY Tableware / Step 4: Dry

Let the paint dry somewhat, then remove the masking tape. Treat the tableware according to the paint manufacturer's instructions.