Pompom gift wrapping idea

Gift Wrapping Idea with Bobbles and Pompoms

If for Christmas you wish to give rosy times to your loved ones, wrap the gifts in pink-white paper and decorated them with magnificent pompoms!

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 10

What we need:

gift wrap matching silk papers ribbons  scissors ruler pencil transparent tape double-sided adhesive tape

This is how to do it:

Overview of materials needed for our pompom gift wrapping idea

We need gift wrap paper, matching silk papers, ribbons, scissors, ruler, pencil, transparent tape, double-sided adhesive tape.

Now wrap the gifts for our pompoms

Wrap the gifts. Fix the paper with tesafilm®.

Fold the silk paper

From the silk paper cut two 16 x 70 cm strips for each pompom. Fold the strips lengthwise in half.

Fold crosswise to the center

Now fold the strips three times crosswise to the center.

Create narrow fringes for our pompoms

Starting from the open border, cut through all layers to the glue line, creating narrow fringes.

Unfold the strips to create a pompom

Unfold the strips.

Remove the protective film and wind up the strips

Peel off a small piece of the protective film from the adhesive tape and wind up the strips, further removing the protective film bit by bit. Once the first strip is rolled up start the second strip and repeat the process.

Apply a small piece of double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom of the pompom

Apply a small piece of tesa® double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom of the pompom and remove the protective film.

Glue the pompom on the gift

Glue the pompom on the gift.

Your unique pompom gift wrapping

Enjoy your unique gift wrapping!