Creative gift bags

Gift Bags

Goodie bags: If the packaging keeps what it promises, it contains the most amazing gifts! Once you got the hang of it, the bags are created in no time, even in your desired size.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20

We need:

cardboard in red, white and patterned patterned papers ruler, scissors pencil cutter stencils wooden letters white and red craft paint brushes gift ribbons double-sided adhesive tape transparent tape glue stick hook and loop coins

This is how to do it:

Transfer the template to the cardboard

Enlarge the stencil according to the template and transfer it to the cardboard. The size of the bags can be adapted to any height and width.

Cut out the stencil

Cut out the stencil.

Carve folding lines on the cardboard for the gift bags

Carefully carve folding lines on the cardboard using the cutter - it will be easier to fold the cardboard.

Fold the cross lines backwards

Fold the cross lines backwards.

Fold the bag

Fold the long lines backwards. Fold the dashed lines forward.

Apply a strip of double-sided adhesive tape

Apply a strip of double-sided adhesive tape on the tab and remove the protective film.

Glue the bag together

Glue the bag together.

Close the bottom of the bag

Fold the narrow bottom flaps inward. Then fold over the wide flaps and fix them with tesafilm®.

Cut out the patterned paper

Cut out the patterned paper to fit the flap.

Apply glue on the flap

Apply glue on the flap.

Glue on the paper

Glue on the paper.

Close the bag

Close the bag and press firmly on the flap.

Glue the wooden letters on

Open the flap. The second Hook & Loop Coin is now in the right place. Paint the wooden letters and fix them with gift ribbons on the bag or simply glue them on.

Enjoy your creative gift bags!

Enjoy your unique gift bags!