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tesa® Solution for Micro Speaker Manufacturers

We provide Acoustic Membranes Laminates with a precise coating produced under cleanroom conditions.

We understand the applications in acoustic components and the micro speaker technology.
Based on our long-term experience producing and developing our own tesa® acrylic and other adhesives, we are always prepared to create different damper solutions and lami-nates for acoustic membranes. 
The precise coating of our laminates can improve the performance of your micro speaker technology. Our numerous sales offices, our research and development de-partments, and our production facilities offer worldwide assistance and can provide you a quick response to technical questions and a fast sampling process. 


3-Layer PEEK Laminate for receiver and high performance speaker diaphragms.

General Features:

  •  Precise coating of damper
  • Tightest thickness tolerances 
  • Own development and production of damper 
  • Controlled processes and measurements
  • Excellent delamination resistance 

Product Benefits:

  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Stable damper properties 
  • Optimize yield rate 
  • High and consistent acoustic performance 
  • Different damper solutions and laminates