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Flexographic and process consumables​

For label printing in Global Converter Markets

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Process tapes

tesa® 4863 roller wrapping tape

Application of tesa 4863
Outstanding grip and traction to provide tension in the web being processed
Repels a variety of substances involved in the process (e.g. adhesives or inks)
Highly resistant to wear
Easily removable, even after a prolonged period of time
Exceptionally temperature resistant


tesa® 60400 Industry cleaner

Effective cleaning of surfaces for optimum bonding results
Evaporates without leaving any residue
Excellent cleaning results on machinery and many different surfaces like plastic and metal
Transparent color

tesa® 60042 adhesive remover

Removes glue residue from plastic parts and glass and metal surfaces
Evaporates without leaving residue
Easy removal of labels
Transparent color

Application suggestions

Once the surface has been cleaned, apply our tesa® Adhesion Promoter with a lint-free cloth, brush, or sponge. The entire surface should be coated thinly with an adhesion promoter to reach the highest bonding performance.
Wait at least 30 seconds (and a maximum of 5 minutes) to give solvents time to evaporate. 
Once the substrate has been properly pre-treated with a tesa® Adhesion Promoter, the bond should be established within 15 minutes. 

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