Our carrying handle tape, tesa® Handylift, offers a convenient carrying solution for the end customer while being efficient in your production.

Our tesa® Handylift allows you to offer your customers a carrying solution

While carrying water bottles or other products that are heavy, a strong and comfortable handle tape is required. Our tesa® handylift offers you an efficient solution which allows you to run a fast production process while reducing down time. This high-quality product is suitable on almost all kinds of wrapping material, ensuring a reliable bond. With easy unwinding characteristics, this material can furthermore be used with all available machinery and ensures long and efficient machine utilization. tesa® Handylift consists of a very strong MOPP tape (Mono-axially Oriented Polypropylene) with a laminated non-sticky and printable foam.

Features of Handylift

  • Prematerial for handylift
  • Can be used for heavy weights
  • High quality
  • Can be custom printed
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