tesa Permanent Hook

Permanent Hooks

Our adhesive hooks impressively prove that you don’t need any screws or nails to put up lightweight objects. Neither in the hallway, nor in the kitchen or bathroom. Our sticky hooks are made either of metal or robust plastic and exhibit excellent adhesive qualities ensuring an enduring and reliable hold. Moreover, you can quickly and comfortably affix the hooks. Leave the drill on your tool rack!


Be Smart and Use Adhesive Hooks

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The fear that self-adhesive hooks will not hold enough weight to mount objects of all kinds securely is completely antiquated. With our superior adhesive technology, which we continue to develop further, we show that there are smart alternatives to the traditional methods to hang things. These days, you can hang dishcloths or oven mitts in the kitchen, towels and bath utensils in the bathroom, or keys and decorative objects in the hallway on self-adhesive wall hooks, and fully rely on their sticking power. Why you can safely do without drills, wall anchors, and screws, you will learn in the next paragraph.


The Advantage of Self-Adhesive Wall Hooks

The first advantage is that you do not need any tools to affix the adhesive hooks to a wall. In the case of a drill, you not only save time but also electricity. Should you not have a well-organized hobby workshop, you won’t have to spend energy on finding the tools with the right screws or nails. Furthermore, you can work much more cleanly with adhesive hooks and avoid dirt and dust. Finally, our adhesive hooks impress with their appealing design superior to many competing products. Learn now about our wide range of sticky wall hooks for an enduring hold!