tesa Softprint® Plate Mounting with Foam Tapes

Foam Plate Mounting Tapes

tesa® Softprint plate mounting tapes with high-quality foam backings for the highest demands in flexographic packaging and label printing

High Quality and Performance

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High Quality and Performance

The flexo industry is a competitive business where often small things can make a big difference. Increasing demands on print quality and process efficiency call for high-performing process components. We support you with our tesa® Softprint plate mounting tapes that are specially developed to provide the highest levels of both print quality and process efficiency. Our tesa® Softprint tapes are made from high-quality materials that ensure best performance in bonding, handling, and printing.

We reach this performance not only with our state-of-the-art adhesives but also because we don’t apply stress to the foam during our manufacturing. Why is this important? Because when all of the foam cells are untouched and undamaged, the foam is better able to absorb bounce from the sleeves that can leave chatter, or gear marks. It’s also more resilient. Our foam will compress and return to the same thickness over and over and over – from the first impression to the last. That means you’ll get beautiful results, from fine screens to deep solid areas, whether the job is a few thousand or a few million feet.

Tailored to your Needs

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Tailored to your Needs

Our range of adhesives and product designs is the broadest in the flexo market. This helps you find exactly the type of tape you need, which is now more important than ever. The right plate-side adhesive will prevent edge lift with thicker plates, and tearing and stretching with thinner plates. You also want to be sure to choose an adhesive designed to bond to the cylinder or sleeve material you’re using to prevent bubbling and labor-intensive clean up.

Simply put, even with so many variables in play in flexo printing today, you can still breathe easy. We’ve formulated our tesa® Softprint adhesives to bond to sleeves, cylinders and plates as securely as possible during printing to completely eliminate any possibility of plate-edge lifting, or bubbling. And, when the job is done, they remove as easily as a siliconized liner. Our Product Matrix and our Foam Advisor will help you find the best tesa® Softprint for your needs.

Reliable and Strong Global Support

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Reliable and Strong Global Support

Our world is changing fast and getting strong support from reliable partners becomes increasingly important. Global crises but also small issues in production can lead to dramatic consequences if they are not handled well. Our strong global presence with offices and production plants worldwide allows us to provide reliable support when and wherever you need it. We have a global team of flexo experts that are eager to support and advise - and if sometimes advice is not enough, our R&D laboratories are spread across the world to perform tests and deliver additional individual support.

Experience our new tesa® Softprint FE-X EA

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tesa® Softprint FE-X EA is specially developed for easy tape handling to reduce waste, save time, and further improve productivity in your print room. Micro channels within the adhesive ensure effortless air removability during plate mounting and printing. Our state-of-the-art FE-X adhesive reliably holds the plate edges down while making the plate-demounting process quick and painless. The improved surface makes product handling even more convenient. Find the tesa® Softprint FE-X EA One Pager with more information in our "Download" section.

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The tesa® Softprint Product Matrix: Find the Best Fit for your Needs



FE-X [a]
•  Very low tack adhesive for fast plate mounting and demounting
•  Secure bond 
•  Excellent resistance to edge lifting
•  Works best in clean and standardized conditions

•   Low tack adhesive for fast plate mounting and demounting
•   Secure bond
•   Excellent resistance to edge lifting
•   Works best in clean and standardized conditions



•   Medium tack adhesive for reliable plate mounting 
•   Secure Bond
•   Excellent resistance to edge lifting especially under warm and high humidity conditions
•   Works under most conditions

•   High tack adhesive for fast plate mounting and demounting
•   Secure bond 
•   Excellent resistance to edge lifting
•   Works even in unclean and cold conditions
  • [a] EA version with a structured liner available

tesa Softprint® 500 µm (20 mil) Foam Tapes

tesa Softprint® 380 µm (15 mil) Foam Tapes