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Only Small Steps in Your Cost-Cutting Measures?


We can show you a big leap - let’s calculate your potential cost savings in flexo printing together!

Introducing tesa® Twinlock

For those of you who have not heard: tesa® Twinlock is a self-adhesive flexo printing sleeve. During plate mounting, the need for self-adhesive tape is eliminated, plates are directly mounted on the sleeve. Already sounds like savings, right?

One of the key features of our tesa® Twinlock sleeves is that they are permanently self-adhesive. After printing and plate demounting, the adhesive surface can simply be reactivated and used again. What does this mean for you? It means that if your team performs the recommended cleaning and handling procedures, you can theoretically use the sleeves endlessly, therefore eliminating the need for plate mounting tape, which reduces time for plate mounting procedures and increases cost savings in purchasing. It really doesn’t take long to do the math! 

Obviously, there is an initial investment. New sets of tesa® Twinlock sleeves need to be ordered and put into operation. To ensure that the set-up in your operation goes smoothly and that you can start printing right away, we offer on-site and off-site training and support. 

Mounting Plate Twinlock
Plate Mounting with tesa® Twinlock

Once you have started printing, the cost cutting starts

Time savings in the plate mounting department are undoubtedly a significant resource-saving factor by itself. But what our customers also appreciate: being able to cut the time spent on mounting in half adds flexibility in taking on new customer orders, creating another competitive advantage.

... Cost has returned within 1 year from the purchase ... Twinlock technology with its effectiveness allows us to be more flexible with our production plan. Today we can react much faster on changing needs of our customers ...

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Cost cutting with tesa® Twinlock in a nutshell

  1. ​No more money spent on plate mounting tape
    This should be your most obvious cost cutting item: simply check out your history of purchasing cost!
  2. Time savings in the mounting department
    What we all know: Time is Money. Time saved in the mounting process really adds up. Tape mounting and de-mounting is eliminated from your set-up equation, you only need to mount your plates directly on your tesa® Twinlock sleeves. The more time you save during mounting, the sooner you can start printing!
  3. Fast and smooth print runs
    For a variety of print jobs, tesa® Twinlock sleeves can also improve your printing. Precise print register, continuous quality on long runs, reduced bouncing at high speeds – all thanks to our superior product and production process quality. All this eliminates the need for press adjustments and machine downtime. The sooner that one print job is finished, the earlier the next one starts!
With tesa® Twinlock it was not only the potential ROI, thanks to the time and material savings that convinced us, but also the high-quality print results. Our initial investment in tesa® Twinlock technology helps us make optimal use of our overall assembl

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tesa® Twinlock Consultations
tesa® Twinlock Consultations

Would NOW be a good time to invest in tesa® Twinlock?

Through an expert consultation, we can evaluate whether tesa® Twinlock is a good fit for your business or whether we would rather suggest solutions from our tesa® Softprint plate mounting tape family. And it does not have to be either/or! A combination of both solutions might work for you as well!

Our objective is to offer unbiased consultations and to find the plate mounting solution that best fits your needs.
We know that only a technically fitting solution will make sense when it comes to costs and efficiency.

By the way, when purchasing a new press or sets of sleeves, the significance of the initial investment in tesa® Twinlock sleeves is considerably reduced – something to keep in mind even if there are currently no resources available!

Payback period

The payback period for your initial investment in tesa® Twinlock sleeves can be particularly short when printing many jobs with the same repeat throughout the year.

Here is an example:
We looked at an actual customer’s repeat that runs 558 times per year, 10 sleeves per job, and an actual print width of 57.87 in (~147 cm). In this case, their initial investment paid back in under two months (yes, months, you read that right!), after that, they started saving money day by day. They’re pretty happy with the results. And so are we.


Contact your local tesa sales representative for a calculation based on your given sleeve specifications, typical print jobs, and other conditions. tesa® Twinlock: don't worry, just print.

Amortization tesa® Twinlock
Amortization tesa® Twinlock