Corrugated design center discussion tesa® 51344 (II)

Recyclable package opening 

Introducing a paper-based tear tape for reliable and efficient opening of lightweight boxes, packages, or mailing bags made of corrugated board, cardboard, or paper.

tesa® 51344 on stacked corrugated board

The challenge: full recyclability of packaging

Packaging made of board or paper protects valuable goods during transport and storage. It is lightweight and most often easily recyclable. Part of a functional and well-perceived packaging is the ‘unboxing experience’ at the end user or the practical unpacking at the retailer. Smooth and reliable package opening is essential for a satisfying experience. At the same time, recyclability is – and should be – becoming more and more important. This can be achieved by ‘mono-material packaging’, completely avoiding the use of plastic material, which of course also applies to integrated tear tapes.

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In-line design tape application corrugator
tesa® 51344 on stacked corrugated board

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