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Terms of Participation: Festival Contest


1. Competition Description
The "Festival Contest 2017" is organized by tesa SE. Participants have the opportunity to submit their own pictures about what they have repaired with tesa duct-tape over the period from 22.05.2017 to the 31.06.2017. Individual images are published on tesa SE on the corporate websites and / or Facebook. From all entries a jury from tesa SE will pick a winner. The winner will receive a Festival Toolbox worth 200, - EUR. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

2. Organizers
This competition is organized by tesa SE, Hugo-Kirchberg-Strasse 1, 22839 Norderstedt. The full details of the organizer can be found in the imprint of the website at http://www.tesa.com/about-tesa/legal-information/imprint

3. Sweepstakes participation
Participation is via the sending of pictures via online form. Multiple submissions are permitted. Each submitted image must satisfy the legal requirements; In particular, other persons may only be identified with their permission, it must not contain any illegal or criminal content or violate the rights of property or personality rights of other third parties. All submissions can be published on the websites of tesa SE and / or the social media channels (e.g., twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.). For the participation, all data necessary for the registration of the results (first name, last name, e-mail address, address) must be given completely and correctly. In the event of incomplete and / or incorrect information, the profit claim shall be void.

4. Use rights, responsibility and exemption, publication of submissions,
By submitting the images to participate in the prize draw, the participant tesa SE simultaneously grants a period of time, space and content unlimited and irrevocable right of use to these, with or without a copyright notice. (Tesa SE) and / or on social media sites (eg facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.), and / or other websites Also includes the right to transfer and license the foregoing rights to third parties. The above granting of the right to use is free of charge and is independent of any profit.

By submitting the pictures, the participant also declares that he has all the necessary rights and that these are free of rights of third parties, ie they are either created by himself or has the corresponding consent of the actual author. In addition, the participant guarantees that the submitted picture is free of other rights of third parties and that no personality rights are infringed in the image of persons and that all persons depicted should agree to a use / publication by tesa SE. Herewith, the participant releases tesa SE from all possible claims of third parties which have arisen due to a failure to comply with the above assurance by the images sent. At the same time, the participant undertakes to support tesa SE in the event of any claim by third parties on the basis of the images submitted by him in any reasonable way in the defense of any claims of third parties.

Tesa SE is entitled to make a pre-selection of the images to be published before publication of the application. There is no claim for publication of the participant with respect to the image submitted by him.

5. Event period and participation
The competition is held in the period from 22.05.17 to 31.06.2017 Participation is the 31.06.2017, 24:00 clock; The date and time stamp on the input server of tesa SE.

6. Persons entitled to participate
Each natural person aged 18 or over who is domiciled in Germany is entitled to participate in the competition. Except for employees of tesa SE and its affiliates and co-operation partners as well as their respective dependents.

7. Price
One (1) festival toolbox worth 200, - EUR
A cash payment of the profit or an exchange of the profit is not possible.

8. Profit determination, profit notification and profit taking
The prize draw will be made by lot among all submissions of the eligible participants. The winners will be notified by e-mail to the e-mail address, telephone number or postal address of the winnings after the end of the competition. In addition, tesa SE is entitled to announce the winner on its website and / or social media channels (e.g., facebook), stating its first and last name and place of residence. Subsequently, the participant must submit the prize and the acceptance within a 2 weeks period or the prices will be given to another entry.