Practical adapters for your individual kitchen organisation

A tidy and organised kitchen offers many advantages. You have more space for cooking, the kitchen is organised and you can find all the important cooking utensils within easy reach. What's more, you feel more comfortable in a tidy kitchen and it simply looks better. We have developed special adapters to help you organise your kitchen without too much effort. With these hanging options, all elements of the tesa® Kitchen organisation system that can be hung from above can be combined and securely attached to the wall without drilling.

Product Overview:

This is why it's so cool!

Easy to apply, removable without residue. No walls are damaged.
The boxes can be easily hung and swapped.
Everything included: adhesive and mounting adapter are always included.
Long lasting and durable strong hold due to tesa high quality adhesive.
Selected and high quality materials provide great look and feel.

Save money and buy in combi-sets

Make it easy and choose between 4 different combi-sets.

Instead of selecting individual and single organizing objects for your kitchen, you can choose between 4 different combi-sets. All containing a modular rail-system with different organizing objects.

Useful adhesive hooks for the kitchen


Learn how it works

No drilling, strong hold, reliable adhesive

The tesa® Kitchen organisation system is super easy to mount, requires no drilling and your tiles stay clean. Find out how easy it is.