Bag Sealer

Bag Sealer

Our bag sealing tapes close paper and plastic bags securely. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

With our tesa 4204 assortment, we offer a variety of colors to match every kind of bag.

Bakery products, candies, and other consumables that are packed in bags, need to be sealed reliably. With our bag sealing tapes we offer suitable solutions here. We also provide dispensers for efficient application.

The tesa bag sealing dispenser 4204 is developed for the effectively use of sealing any plastic or paper bag.

Features of our Bag Sealer:

  • For sealing small boxes and cans
  • Use at bakery and flower shop counters
  • Available in transparent and different colors
  • A full and complete solution including the tape and a tesa® 6094 dispenser
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