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Continual advances in modern automotive designs, substrates, body coatings and exterior parts are fuelling a growing range of self-adhesive attachment solutions.
Selecting the wrong tape for plastic parts parts will cost you lost production time. So how can you confidently pick which tape bonds well to plastic parts?

Our new report covers everything you should consider when choosing your automotive exterior tape; from thermal elongation, surface energy, and sustainability, to the benefits of close support from your adhesive provider.

Benefits of partnering with tesa


01True partnership

When we say that our engineers are there for you, they are actually there, at your plant, collaborating at eye-level with your engineers and coming up with solutions that will work for you. As a partner with many years of experience in working closely with both OES and OEM, we understand the pain points and demands of both sides – and will ensure our product caters to all of them. 

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02Setting new standards

With three major innovation centers in China, Europe and the US as well as Customer Solution Centers, we are an innovative partner for the co-development of new automotive products. Inspired by both current and future market trends and by our customers’ needs, we strive to set standards, e.g. by integrating new functionalities, such as conductivity, into tapes.  

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03Proven reliability

We have proven time and again that we are capable of keeping our promises when it comes to delivering the right materials at the right time. And we are working hard to continue to do so.

Talk to us about reliability – and see how our passion takes everyone further.

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Felix Neubauer

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