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Secure mounting of dynamic seals


Car door seals are a real challenge: tesa® ACXplus 74712 Seal Line is up to it

Car doors are opened and closed thousands of times over their lifetime, in freezing conditions as well as on hot summer days. Each time the door seals are compressed and decompressed. To withstand this high, repeated stress over many years, the door seals must be very well bonded.

tesa® ACXplus 74712 Seal Line consists of four components. Our well-known, deep black ACXplus foamed acrylic backing is durable and flexible at the same time. On its open side it is equipped with a heat activated adhesive that creates a secure bond to the door seal. For the liner side, we developed a special acrylic adhesive that bonds reliably to many clear coats used in the automotive industry.

ACXplus 74712 Seal Line bonds reliably for the entire lifetime of the door seal. It therefore reduces risks for OES/OEM and gives them an alternative that can be implemented with hardly any switching efforts coming from other tape solutions. Our goal is to be a strategic partner who works with you continuously to improve the efficiency of your processes. If you would like to know more about ACXplus 74712 Seal Line, please feel free to contact us!

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Felix Neubauer

Felix Neubauer

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