Aluminum Foil Tapes

tesa offers a complete line of aluminum foil tapes, specifically engineered to meet the toughest requirements of the HVAC, metal construction, electrical and appliance industry.

Our aluminum tapes are characterized by high thermal resistance, durability and conductivity and can help increase efficiency and meet sustainability goals by minimizing air distribution loss.

The foil tapes feature electrically and thermally conductiveness and are heat and light reflective. They function as barrier against moisture, gas and vapor and - due to their aging resistancy and strong adhesive properties - are suitable for permanent applications. As the aluminum tapes are resistant to oil and acids, as well as temperature resistant from -40°C to 160°C, they are ideal for joining and sealing of thermal insulation, ducts and pipes. Furthermore the flame retardant tapes fulfill DIN 4102 and UL 510A requirements of UL 510A. Find more detailed information on the according aluminum tape product page.

Aluminum Foil Tapes for Sealing and Joining