Knifeless Box Opening

Knifeless Box Opening

Our brand new carton sealing tape tesa® 4190 for knifeless box opening allow the store or warehouse operator to open the carton without a blade.

The tesa® knifeless box opening tape enables an easy and comfortable way to open packages without any additional tools

Premium products often come with premium packaging. Those being bundled in cardboard boxes are exposed a severe danger – when the box is opened with knives or blades. The premium packaging or even the top of the product itself is often damaged by the knives. Our knifeless box opening solution offers a reliable and tamper-evident seal, which can be opened by hand. We can provide this solution in different designs and qualities such as easy unwinding long rolls for automatic application units as well as silent unwinding short rolls for the smooth manual application.

Also make use of our new knifeless box closing solution in production processes for candies or other consumables, for example, to guarantee that residues from cardboard box or plastic bag material does not find its way into products when it is cut.

Features of knifeless box closure:

  • Easy opening without any tools
  • Avoids cutting into your valuable goods
  • No contamination
  • Tamper-evident sealing
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Easy carton opening without using extra tools

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