Double-sided Tissue Tapes

Selected double-sided cloth and non-woven tapes for Converters, handpicked from our broader assortment.


tesa® non-woven double-sided tape application

Double-sided tissue tapes, thanks to their non-woven or cloth backings, are conformable and flexible, allowing them to stick to irregular surfaces as needed. They are made to die cut well and to be tearable by hand whilst being tear-resistant.

They are in many cases suitable to quite demanding and permanent mounting applications in a variety of industries and offer a very good initial tack on most surfaces. Thanks to their flexibility, they can also be used for lamination and splicing of foams, textiles, leather, and heavy papers, as well as floor laying applications.

Key features



icon-quick bonding

Quick adhesion


Good for lamination

Hand tearable

Hand tearable


Excellent die-cutting


Chemical resistant

Converter picks

Application examples


Leather mounting & lamination

Fashion, accessories, textiles
Floor laying

Floor laying

Facility management, arts & entertainment, home decoration
Foam lamination with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape

Foam lamination

Foam producers and laminators
Membrane switches are mounted to a washing machine by using an adhesive tape

Membrane switch mounting

Appliance, electronics, automotive transportation

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