Double-sided Foam Tapes

Selected double-sided foam tapes for Converters, handpicked from our broader assortment.

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tesa® PE foam tape

Double-sided foam tapes are a broad category that includes products that, thanks to the characteristics of their backing, can be used to compensate for gaps, bond different substrates, and dampen unwanted noises or vibrations.

Depending on the foam and adhesive composition, they can be suitable for lightweight or more demanding mounting applications, permanent or temporary, even on low surface energy (LSE) surfaces. Some may also be used for outdoor applications, thanks to their resistance against UV, humidity, and aging.

Key features

Adhesion on critical surfaces
selected tapes only
Good wetting
Good bonding
icon-quick bonding
Quick adhesion

Converter picks

Application examples

Mirror in furniture
Mirror mounting
Elevators, transportation, home decoration
Decorative panels
Decorative panels
Furniture, building, transportation
Shelf edge strips
Store shelf-edge mounting
Retail, POS
Lightweight mounting with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape
Mounting of signs and displays
Retail, POS, advertising, facility management

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