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Let’s solve consumer challenges and create innovative non-tape solutions – as partners!

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The pitch@tesa approach

One of tesa’s core values is to team-up. This does not only apply internally but with our partners as well.

The innovation pitch@tesa approach is your platform to understand our future innovation challenges, to get in contact with decision makers and to accelerate our future joint growth.

We are thrilled to launch our first pitch@tesa event and are curious to receive your pitch how to solve consumer challenges - developing solutions that change consumers home for the better.

Once received your pitch, we will follow it up via a transparent process to ensure your ideas are heard and evaluated directly by the responsible decision makers. You will find more detailed information in our innovation pitch@tesa playbook.

How to join

4 steps to innovation

  1. Pitch (Deadline: 31 March 2023)
    We want to grow with you! Feel free to pitch your business idea to us – in line with our innovation challenges & playbook.
  2. Pre-Selection (1 - 21 April 2023)
    Once received your pitch the cross-functional tesa committee will pre-assess your idea.
  3. Pitch Event (4 May 2023)
    If shortlisted – you are invited to pitch your idea at our tesa headquarters in front of our cross-functional committee and the consumer board member.
  4. Launch
    If your idea is awarded – it will be included in our portfolio management aiming towards a committed milestone and budget plan.
Innovation Challenges

Explore our innovation challenges

With tesa you can flexibly decorate your living space, quickly organize your bathroom or create privacy by the push of a button.

What’s next? We at tesa believe in constant mutual development in order to find new solutions for our consumers therefore, our first pitch@tesa event shall focus on the following three areas of innovation to change consumers home for the better:

INNOVATE for TODDLERS – cleverly protecting our toddlers

INNOVATE for NATURE – creating better spaces for nature at home

INNOVATE for HOME DÉCOR – easy decorating and upgrading surfaces

We are curious to receive your pitch – please find more info on the process in our playbook and hand in your idea via the innovation form.

The Playbook

Get to know the details

Our pitch@tesa Playbook is providing detailed process information on:

  • the innovation challenges
  • insights in tesa branded solutions
  • assessment process and time-line

pitch@tesa Innovation Form

Please pitch your idea via our innovation form. Questions will guide you to enable our assessment process.

Your deadline is 31st March 2023.