Tamperproof Encoding with Laser Marking

With our automotive security labels, we combine our deep knowledge in laser marking technologies with comprehensive expertise in self-adhesive films.

Theft Prevention – Automotive Security Labeling Innovations

Whether it is VIN, certification, service, security, or warning and instruction information, a variety of durable labeling systems are required throughout a vehicle. Some have to be absolutely tamperproof and others have to resist extreme external influences, e.g. in the engine area.

We offer a comprehensive assortment of taper evident laser labels to fulfill all requirements, combining the knowledge of laser marking technologies with expertise in self-adhesive films.

With our laser labels we combine a high-performance adhesive with a data carrier that is destroyed upon tampering. These tamper proof car labels comply with the legal (NHTSA, EEC, GB) and manufacturer-specific regulations of the automotive industry.

Our laser labels are also available with customer-specific visible and hidden security features integrated into the labels to maximize security against tampering. In addition to the standard security labels used on metal and plastics, we offer the unique glass-marking laser-transfer film for windowpane marking.

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Door pillar application
Fuel fill cap application
Dashboard application
Tamper evidence
Customized micro scripting
UV footprint
Glass marking

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