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The inconspicuous fitness trackers, worn on the wrist, are an increasing feature of everyday life. They record physical activities and health-relevant data that can be collected and evaluated by an app. Modern electronics are integrated into these intelligent wristbands, opening the way to many possible applications. Fitness trackers are exposed to many external influences and are made from high-quality components. This has to be taken into account at the design stage.

What are fitness trackers?

Like smartwatches, fitness trackers, also called activity trackers, health armbands or wristbands, form part of the wearables category. Although many electronic wristbands have displays and among other things can tell you the time and date, they differ markedly from smartwatches. Their main task is recording physical activities, such as running distances and recording health-relevant data, like heart frequency. They evolved from simple step counters, which they have left far behind in terms of the scope of their functions and possible uses. In many fitness trackers, simple information can be read directly on the status display or an integrated display. The wristbands are normally connected wirelessly with the smartphone and transmit the data for further analysis to an app installed on the smartphone.

The sales figures of fitness trackers have chalked up enormous growth. In recent years, the sale of devices has increased many times over. Forecasts expect worldwide sales of 490 million wristbands by 2023.

Fitness tracker components and adhesive applications

The most important components in a fitness tracker are the numerous sensors for recording the various kinds of data. Sensors for position, movement, temperature, or heart frequency (optical sensor technology) are integrated inside the wristband or on the surfaces in contact with the skin. Moreover, many fitness trackers feature the option of alerting the wearer to a particular event by vibrating. Information can be displayed via display units like status LEDs or mini-displays. Other components of fitness trackers are the processor module, network module and battery.

All components are fully integrated into the wristband and the end product should be something that is comfortable to wear. Adhesive solutions are often used for the assembly of these components. Below you will find an overview of the most common applications for fitness tracker and wristbands:

  • Lens mounting
  • Battery mounting
  • Sensor mounting
  • Heat pipe mounting
  • FPCs mounting
  • PCBs mounting
  • Speaker mesh mounting
  • Deco/Logo mounting
  • Button fixation
  • Display lamination
  • Shielding and grounding
  • Covering

Hardware requirements

Fitness trackers are worn in everyday life, at work, or during sports and in part even at night-time. The wristbands should not hamper the wearer's activities and be comfortable. At the same time, the hardware has to work reliably and record the data desired without interference from external influences. Despite the many electronic components on the inside, the wristbands should be light, and comfortable, while also looking good. This results in a range of different requirements for the needed adhesive solutions.

High bonding strength
Impact resistance
LSE performance
Chemical resistance

Adhesive solutions for fitness tracker

Every project is individual and has specific requirements. Our ambition is always to provide you with the most suitable solution. Our existing product portfolio offers established, reliably high-performance adhesive systems with specialized properties to meet your demands. In addition, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions in a cooperative partnership.​

​Please contact us directly or ask your local representative about your possibilities.

Solutions for your success

Assortment Exemplary case studies Use this assortment when your main requirements are
Double-sided Film Tapes • Lens mounting
• Battery mounting
• FPC mounting
• Very good bonding
• Good wetting
• Efficient die-cutting
• Specific properties (e.g., Anti-repulsion, Chemical resistant, Differential bonding properties, bonding on LSE substrates and many more) 
Acrylic Foam Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding
• Superior impact resistance
• Very good sealing and waterproofing
• Chemical resistance
PE Foams Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Impact resistance
• Anti-repulsion
• Reworkability
Synthetic Foam Tapes • Battery mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Quick bonding properties, even on LSE substrates
• Impact resistance
Bond & Detach® • Battery mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Impact resistance
Structural Bonding Solutions • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Fabric mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding power, even on small bonding areas
• Superior sealing properties
• Anti-repulsion
• Chemical resistance
Electrically Conductive Tapes • Grounding
• Shielding
• Conductive gap-filling
• Electrical conductivity
• EMI shielding
Display Lamination Tapes • Cover lens to touch panel
• Touch panel to display panel
• Flexible layers
• Optical clarity
• Specific properties (e.g., moisture blocking, moisture managing,  outgassing resistance, UV-blocking, and many more)