Scratch Protection Felts and Buffers

Anti-Scratch Felts and Buffers

With our felt sliders and protective bumpers, you can protect your floor coverings and walls from damages and prevent a lot of noise. Many chairs and tables have sharp edges and will potentially start scratching floors, such as laminate or parquet, over time. Moreover, door handles can create unattractive spots on walls when the doors are swung open. To avoid both cases, you just have to affix the floor protectors to the char or table legs and stick our protective bumpers to the wall to prevent the wall from damage.


Effective Felt Sliders, Noise Stoppers, and Protective Bumpers

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In every home, there is an astonishing number of little problems that can be put right with small measures. If you’re annoyed by scratches in the flooring, unattractive spots on the wall close to a door, or loud noise when closing drawers, we may have the right solutions at hand for you. Our wall and floor protectors are little pads allowing you to get a handle on all three situations described above, quickly and easily. With all products, you can of course rely on the proven tesa adhesive technology. Small helpers, great effect – learn now about all the advantages of our wall and floor protectors!