tesa Removable Powerstrip Hooks

Powerstrip Hooks

Our removable adhesive hooks are a smart and useful alternative method to hang things up. They can be attached without tools and do not cause any damage to the surface. The self-adhesive wall hooks are equipped with an adhesive technology that on the one hand provides a reliable hold and on the other allows them to be removed effortlessly and without residue. Thanks to our adhesive hooks, which are particularly suited for use in private homes and offices, ugly drill holes are now a thing of the past!


Attaching Removable Hooks to the Wall Without a Drill

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In times past, hooks could only be mounted using screws. Thanks to developments in adhesive technology, this has fundamentally changed. Today, adhesive hooks are reliably able to securely hold medium-weight objects in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, or office. At tesa®, you can find adhesive hooks with a load-bearing capacity of up to 3 kilograms (Powerstrips®) and even up to 12 kilograms (Powerbutton®). Our Powerstrips® hooks also have the advantage that they can be removed effortlessly and without a trace, so that they don’t do any damage to the walls.


No Drill Holes Thanks to the Powerstrips® Technology

If you want to hang up objects such as oven mitts, dishcloths, brushes, or bathing towels, you don’t need a power drill. Why? Because you can attach our adhesive hooks thanks to the innovative Powerstrips® technology completely without tools, and quickly and easily remove them after use without leaving any residue behind. That way, you not only save time and work but you also avoid the dirt and dust inevitably caused by drilling. In particular in rooms where there are tiles on the walls, our removable wall hooks are a smart solution!