tesa® Design Line EKKRO

Clear design and straight structures for an organized bathroom experience.

tesa® EKKRO Toilet Paper Holder

The wall-mounted tesa® Ekkro toilet roll holder can be reliably attached without drilling, offering great adhesive performance and a timeless design!

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tesa® EKKRO Toilet Brush Holder

Self-adhesive, the wall-mounted tesa® Ekkro toilet brush can be reliably attached without drilling. It is elegantly designed with glossy chrome and satined glass.

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tesa® EKKRO Towel Bars

The tesa® Ekkro towel bar is self-adhesive and can be reliably wall-mounted without any drilling. No surfaces are damaged, and the bar can be taken down without residue remaining.

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tesa® EKKRO Soap Dispenser

The tesa® Ekkro soap dispenser is self-adhesive and reliably wall-mounted without drilling. Walls and tiles stay undamaged, and the dispenser can be removed without a trace at any time.

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tesa® EKKRO Hair Dryer Holder

The self-adhesive tesa® Ekkro hair dryer holder has an elegant spiral design and is easy to reliably mount on a wall. No drilling is needed, so there is no surface damage.

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tesa® EKKRO Glass Shelf

With beveled corners, the rectangular tesa® Ekkro glass shelf has a classy look. It is self-adhesive and easy to reliably wall-mount.

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tesa® EKKRO Toothbrush Cup Holder

The self-adhesive tesa® Ekkro toothbrush holder is easy to wall-mount, without drilling. No surfaces suffer damage, and the holder can be taken down without a trace.

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tesa® EKKRO Spare Toilet Paper Holder

The self-adhesive tesa® Ekkro spare toilet roll holder is easily mounted on a wall, without drilling.

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tesa® EKKRO Towel Hook

Glossy clean lines make the tesa® Ekkro towel hook elegant and attractive. The self-adhesive chrome hook is reliably wall-mounted without drilling.

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tesa® EKKRO Two-Armed Towel Holder

The tesa® Ekkro two-armed towel holder is self-adhesive and can be reliably mounted on walls.

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Bathroom design line tesa® EKKRO

Enhance your bathroom with our clean-cut tesa® EKKRO design line. Its straight structures, as well as modern and fashionable appearance, provide an extraordinary bathroom experience.

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Reliable hold without drilling is possible – thanks to innovative tesa® Power.Kit technology, made and patented in Germany. The new adhesive by tesa® consists of waterproof glue, making it the perfect choice for mounting anything in wet environments like your bathroom. 

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There is no drilling required – forget the extra miles for screws and nails, and keep your tiles in one piece. Save extensive bathroom remodeling costs. The adhesive solution by tesa® guarantees reliable hold and an easy mounting and removal experience.

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