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How to make products more sustainable is the defining issue of our time. Every sector, manufacturer, and supplier has a responsibility to make changes for the better and that is why we at tesa work with the appliances industry to create future-proof designs. It is a journey, but one where every step brings progress; and where one sustainable innovation leads to another.  

While sustainability shapes all our thinking at tesa, below is a showcase of some of the solutions that can specifically help manufacturers create future-proof appliances.
Our range of more sustainable adhesive solutions continues to grow. We are always looking at ways to develop our offering. If you should require something bespoke, please contact us, and we will work together to find a way forward.

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01More sustainable packaging

Our range of film-based and paper-based carton sealing tapes feature more sustainable content and high-performance reliability. The paper-based versions are recycling-friendly according to INGEDE Method 12.

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02Design for repairability & recovery

tesa® Bond & Detach is an innovative tape mounting solution that enables secure bonds but also removability of components for repair, re-positioning during assembly, and recovering valuable parts at the end of an appliance’s life cycle. With these features, it has proven to promote more sustainable applications in other markets we are supplying.

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03Design for less waste

Our 'tesa® 64280 thin & strong' strapping tape combines extreme holding strength with excellent removability and a significant saving in material (tape width and thickness). The result? Less damaged good in transit and less waste. 

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04Design to support energy saving

Our optically clear adhesives for invisible bonding solutions are an example of supporting energy-saving innovations such as glass windows in fridges and ovens, which reduce the frequency and amount of time the doors are opened - helping the appliance operate more efficiently. 

What does sustainability mean to you?

Every appliance manufacturer has a different definition of success when it comes to sustainability. Everybody has a different focus and different targets. Whatever your particular sustainability objectives are, we at tesa want to help you achieve them. Why not share your goals with us in confidence, and we will look into ways our solutions can help to come a step closer.

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