Social Distancing & Protection Tapes

Ensure safety for customers, visitors and employees by helping them keep a safe distance from each other and by implementing protection and hygiene measure in your environment.

Create secure lanes and waiting areas with social distancing tapes

Ensure public safety by marking out lines and designated waiting areas across hospitality, services, retail, transportation and more.

Our Tape Assortment for Floor and Object Marking to Support Social Distancing

Quick and eye-catching marking of distance lines

High Visibility, Many Colors
Our social distancing tapes come in many different colors to ensure optimal visibility.
Robust & Longlasting
With their abrasion resistant surface, our tapes withstand foot traffic, carts or suitcases.
Secure Stick on All Surfaces
Thanks to the high adhesion level, our tapes offer reliable hold on many surfaces.
Quick & Convenient to Apply
Easy unwinding and uncomplicated adjustment for straight lines. Partly hand-tearable.

High-Performance Social Distancing Tapes


High-Performance Social Distancing Tapes

  • Our classic floor and warning tape
  • High attention thanks to many different colors (even striped warning options)
  • Long lasting and robust
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Strong bond on all surfaces
  • Withstand above average foot traffic, heavy carts, suitcases

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Dispenser for Quick and Easy Application of Marking Tapes


Convenient and quick distance marking on floors

The tesa  pack® Hand Dispenser can be used with tesa floor marking tapes in 66m long rolls in either 38mm or 50mm width. The dispenser has a robust metal housing and is equipped with a plastic contact roller which applies pressure firmly as it is applied from the roll. Tilting the dispenser cuts the tape with the serrated blade. Ideal solution for quick and straight distance marking on floors.

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Colorful Writable & Hand-tearable Social Distancing Tapes


Colorful Writable & Hand-tearable Social Distancing Tapes

  • Many color options
  • Even neon colors for highest attention
  • Especially easy & quick to apply
  • Convenient handling thanks to hand-tearability
  • Messages can be directly written on the tape
  • tesa® 4621 is thanks to its weather- & UV-resistance ideally suited for outdoor markings

Not only Visible, but "Tangible" Social Distancing Tapes


Tangible Social Distancing Tapes

  • Thanks to their special surface structure, these tapes are not only seen, but can be felt too
  • Ideal for shopping carts in super markets or in public environments frequented by blind people
  • Handtearable for easy application
  • Especially durable and abrasion resistant
  • On smooth surfaces anti-slip tapes also help to prevent accidents 

Non-adhesive Marking and Warning Social Distancing Tape


Non-adhesive Marking and Warning Social Distancing Tape

  • tesa® Signal tape non-adhesive is the ideal marking tape for obstacles and hazardous areas
  • Printed on both sides offers visibilty from every direction
  • The red and white non-adhesive marking and warning tape can be used to prevent access to certain areas
  • Rub-resistant ink
  • Ideally outdoor suited, withstands all weather conditions without losing color

Our Tape Assortment for Hygiene and Protection Measures

Our Tapes for Temporary Distance Warning Sign Mounting


Tapes for Temporary Distance Warning Sign Mounting

  • Removable double-sided tapes are ideal for temporary mounting
  • They offer high adhesion, but are also removable without leaving any residues
  • Secure stick on many surfaces
  • Our single sided tapes are ideal for taping lightweight letters or notifications onto walls/doors/glass
  • Transparent or white for not distracting from notification message

Our Tapes for Quick Disinfectant or Soap Dispenser Mounting


Tapes for Disinfectant Dispenser Mounting

  • Our double-sided tapes with high adhesion are ideal for mounting
  • They withstand regular usage (pressure when used) of dispenser 
  • Fastening of dispensers without drilling
  • Especially strong bond on walls
  • Quick and convenient application

Contaminated Waste Seal (Tying Protection Suits and Waste Bags) Tapes


Tying Protection Suits and Waste Bags with Tape

Take infection control a step further by securely sealing waste bags for disposal with our industrial grade polycoated cloth duct tape, featuring excellent tensile strength and hand-tearability. Bags containing contaminated gloves, protective suits, masks and other items pose a much lesser risk when sealed up tight.

Prevent contamination by tying up protection suits.

Exchangeable Reciprocal Protection


Exchangeable Reciprocal Protection

In order to prevent the spread of germs in close environments, a tempoary exchangeable barrier solution can be used in spaces where fixed glass or plastic partitions are difficult to install. Our EasyCover products already combine foil with tape and can quickly be set in place and removed.

Our Tapes for Mounting of Protective Glass Partitions


Bonding Protective Glass Partitions

Workers in pharmacies, grocery and retail depend on protective barriers to ensure their safety and help prevent the spread of infection.

Transparent materials like plexiglass partitions call for an invisible, durable bond to hold them securely in place at checkout and service counters. Unlike mechanical fasteners like rivets, screws or liquid glues, our high-quality clear, acrylic-core tapes create an immediate, secure and long-lasting bond for fast install and turnaround.

Shopping Cart Handlebar Protective Cover


Protect Shopping Cart Handlebars from Contamination

Protect Shopping Cart Handlebars from Contamination

Shopping cart handles are among the top three most contaminated things to touch at any given time, especially during a pandemic. We have the solution: tesa  Bodyguard®.

This environmentally friendly film cover securely adheres to shopping cart handles and is easily removed and discarded after each use to provide reliable protection for each and every customer. Perforated for ease of use and quick application

Tape for Temporary Wall & Floor Covering


Easily Cover any Surface with Protective Material

Protect your walls, floors and other surfaces with temporary coverings without the worry of what will happen to them when the time comes to uncover them again.

Our double-sided tapes are ideal for temporarily holding to surfaces while offering easy removal with no residues. Our tapes feature high adhesive strength even for mounting to fibrous, porous or irregular surfaces.

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