E-mobility key visual thermal propagation protection

We help your passengers stay safe

Thermal propagation is a major safety concern for all electric vehicle designs and a driver for modern safe battery designs. Our customers are working on solutions to keep the driver and passengers safe in case of a catastrophic event.

We offer solutions that provide reliable thermal insulation to slow down thermal propagation events. Our heat shielding solutions keep passengers safe against flames. And our flame-retardant mounting solutions enable our customers to add extra protection to the battery design.

One concern during battery assembly is that many thermal insulation materials are based on fibers and radiate dust particles or fibers themselves. With our patented design solutions we make sure that no dust or fibers contaminate your battery.

Discover how we help to protect your batteries from thermal propagation and fire

Protection against thermal propagation
Protection against thermal propagation
Prevent or slow down cascading of the thermal runaway to neighboring cells by placing our highly temperature-resistant thermal insulation materials in between the cells.
Heat shield battery lid
Solutions for fire protection of the battery lid
Add a layer of flame-resistant thermal insulation material to the lid or the car body to keep fire inside the battery pack and outside of the passenger cabin.