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Mask. Paint. Smile. 
tesa® Precision Mask for razor-sharp edges

The ideal tapes for razor-sharp edges

tesa® Precision Mask for razor-sharp paint edges

For excellent results

What is washi paper?

The backing of the tesa® Precision Mask is made in Japan and has an outstanding quality. The ultra-thin material adapts exceptionally well to different surfaces and delivers extremely flat and sharp paint edges.

Temperature resistant

High temperatures?

No problem! tesa® Precision Mask is heat resistant up to 150 °C. It is just as suitable for oven drying as for drying at room temperature.

For indoors and outdoors

Weather resistant?

One solution for different applications: With tesa® Precision Mask, you only need one tape for everything. It has excellent UV resistance and can therefore be used outdoors as well.

Always available


A key factor for process efficiency: tesa® Precision Mask is always in stock and can be supplied in small quantities.

The ideal choice for high process efficiency

tesa® Precision Mask for efficient working


Request a sample

We are here to support you! Which of the tesa® Precision Mask tapes would you like to try? Please note that we may need to verify the validity of your request. 

Which tape is right for you?

Producttesa® Precision Mask 4334tesa® Precision Mask 4342 
Available colors Yellow Orange
UV resistance 8 weeks3 weeks
Sharp paint edgesExcellentVery good
Suitability on uneven surfacesExcellentVery good
HandlingExcellentVery good
Removability ExcellentVery good
Elongation at break 4%10%
Tensile strength 30 N/cm 32 N/cm 
Adhesion to steel 1.8 N/cm 1.5 N/cm 
Thickness90 µm85 µm