Resealable Bag Closure Fingerlift – Double Sided

Resealable Bag Closure - Double-Sided

Our double-sided bag closure solutions are easy to integrate into your production process, while keeping the existing packaging design and offering the end consumer a very convenient reclosure.

Resealable Bag Closure - Double Sided

Resealable Bag Closure - Double Sided

Depending on your production requirements, we offer you a full assortment of different double-sided resealable bag closure solutions. The main advantage of our reclosure tapes is the long-lasting freshness achieved by its tight closure. All products are available with and without a liner with overhanging fingerlift, which offers a convenient removing of the liner. Six product alternatives guarantee that we can offer a suitable solution for all kinds of bags.

Features of our double-sided resealable bag closures:

  • Strong and stable acrylic or synthetic rubber adhesive
  • No residues, excellent ageing resistance
  • Extended fingerlift liner available for easy liner removal
  • Supplied spool wound, for rapid integration on the production line