Stiffener mounting

Bonding of Stiffeners and Reinforcement Bars

Easy fixation of stiffeners and reinforcement bars – enhance your processes by using our adhesive tape solutions.

Mounting of Reinforcement Bars
Mounting of Reinforcement Bars

Stiffener bars can be made of different materials – raw aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, and steel are very common. They are used in different industries, such as in elevator production or for metal cassettes in facades.

Panels are available in various forms, including aluminum plate, stainless steel, or other non-corrosive metal, and composite panels.

tesa® ACXplus can be used to bond stiffener bars to thin metal or composite panels. Our double-sided tapes do not require additional equipment, tools, or energy and therefore reduce complexity on the shop floor. They can be used very quickly and thus speed up any assembly process.

We recommend the tesa® ACXplus series to bond stiffeners and reinforcement bars:

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tesa® ACXplus – High Resistance

  • Outstanding cold shock resistance
  • Very high adhesion for a reliable bond
  • Viscoelastic acrylic foams compensate varying levels of thermal expansion and condensation of bonded parts
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