Masking solutions for the automotive industry

Masking Expertise for Impressive Paint Jobs

Our automotive masking tape assortment helps you to create an accurate and unique look, while ensuring easy and lean paint shop processes.

Design Matters – Automotive Masking Solutions

Car customization is one of the megatrends in today’s automotive industry. We offer a wide range of sophisticated solutions for car body and bumper masking applications that meet the demanding requirements of the paint process. This helps you to create a unique yet reproducible car design.

Our masking range and expertise supports you to master the challenges and keep each step as lean as possible. This includes ensuring a reliable adhesion; avoiding overspray on e-, solvent-, and water-based coatings even at high temperatures in the oven; and guaranteeing simple and residue-free tape removal to prevent extra work.

We also keep the leanest possible application of our material in mind by using universal and customized tools, such as fine line masking tape dispenser or jigs. Based on our extensive industry experience in paint shop projects, we analyze the individual process and design parameters and create integrated and precise masking processes. This approach and service leads to measureable savings in energy and operating costs as well as to an impressive standard of quality.

Customized die-cut solutions with special application aids, such as finger lifts, help workers to position the car masking tape onto the vehicle in complex contours with a higher degree of accuracy.

Areas of Application

  • Two-tone fineline masking
  • Bumper masking
  • Flange masking
  • Repair masking
  • High-temperature car body masking
  • Temporary sealing