Thermal Management

Adhesive solutions for effective thermal management

Thermal management is an integral part of electric vehicle battery design to ensure safe and efficient battery operations. An EV battery being held at just the right temperature can make the difference between reaching the charging station and a call to roadside assistance.

And outside of the battery box, a whole range of chargers, converters, inverters and other electronic power devices need effective cooling to ensure electric power supply to the whole vehicle.

Assortment features:

  • No oozing due to silicone-free technology
  • Tacky for reliable and automated processing
  • Excellent dielectric breakdown resistance
  • Flame-retardant acc. to UL 94 VTM-0

Discover how you can optimize your thermal management design with solutions by tesa

Cooling plate fixation in battery modules
Cooling plate fixation
Our solutions provide a thermal interface between the cooling plate and the battery module. Create an effective thermal interface and ensure a reliable assembly process with our tacky thermally conductive tapes.
Heat sink mounting in power electronics
Heat sink mounting in electronic devices and power electronic devices
Our adhesive thermal management solutions provide adhesion between your parts while also forming a thermal interface. Save space, processing time, and costs by reducing the need for mechanical fixing devices.