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Automotive Wire Harnessing Protection

Allowing complex routings in times of growing diameters

Wire bundle diameters are continuously increasing with the growing number of electrical vehicle components. While wire bundles become bigger and stiffer, harness routing space availability becomes increasingly scarce. tesa’s sleeve designs target this challenge by combining well-known bundling and protection tape properties with maximum harness flexibility.

tesa® Sleeve assortment

Our sleeves are minimizing the adhesive contact to the wires to increase flexibility compared to standard tapes. With our versatile converting capabilities, we are able to provide customized sleeve variants. Due to the benefits of weight and space saving, our solutions are well appreciated in the market substituting other harness coverings such as braided sleeves or convoluted tubes.

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Key benefits

  • High temperature resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Noise damping
  • Excellent cable compatibility
  • Resistant to environmental influences
  • Flame-retardant
  • Tear-resistant
Spiralsleeve PV5X series woDescription
tesa® Spiralsleeve PV5X series
• Combines the well-known spiral application of tapes with the flexibility of sleeves
• Adhesive-to-adhesive closure guarantees secure bonding
Supersleeve® PV6X series woDescription
tesa Supersleeve® PV6X series
• High noise damping and/or abrasion resistance due to double-layer product design
• Adhesive-to-adhesive closure guarantees secure bonding
Supersleeve® PV7X series woDescription
tesa Supersleeve® PV7X series
• High abrasion resistance due to double-layer product design
• Also suitable for small-diameter harness branches
Sleeve PV8X series woDescription
tesa® Sleeve PV8X series
• Superior flexibility
• No adhesive contact to wires
• Adhesive-to-adhesive closure guarantees secure bonding
Sleeve PV9X series woDescription
tesa® Sleeve PV9X series
• Superior flexibility
• Cost-efficient sleeve version due to single-layer product design

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