Adhesive Solutions for Building Components

Building Wrap

We provide exterior, self-adhesive air and water proofing systems for commercial and residential buildings. Ensure your buildings are protected with our customized assortment.

Application Categories for Exterior Air and Water Proofing

Self-Adhesive Air Barriers: Self-Adhesive Below Ground Waterproofing: Self-Adhesive Flashing: Self-Adhesive Roof Underlayment:
Permeable or non-permeable barriers for air and water waterproofing of walls.

Exterior waterproofing for basements and foundations.    Protect windows, doors and transition areas from water seepage and air drafts. Reduce water damage on roofs by using a self-sealing barrier  prior to shingle installation.

Compared to Traditional Asphalt Based Products and Mechanically Fastened Systems Our Products Are Easy to Apply and Offer the Following Benefits:

  • Improved performance in cold temperature compared to asphalt, extends the building season in cold climates
  • Superior high temperature performance compared to asphalt, no sagging or running at high temperatures
  • Thinner and light weight compared to asphalt, allowing for longer rolls and therefore fewer seams
  • Better adhesion to rough surfaces such as concrete, OSB, plywood, rough air barriers and DensGlass
  • Require no nails for attachment, therefore is water-tight
  • Environmentally friendly – no VOCs, RAS tape has recycled content
  • Better lap adhesion

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