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How to use tesa® Mounting Glue for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/cm2.
Using tesa® Mounting Glue for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/cm²

Using tesa® Mounting Glue for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/cm²

The smart way to mount skirting boards and cornices on textured and sensitive surfaces.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Click through the tabs above this step-by-step video to see how quick and easy it is to get your projects – and your possessions – off the ground.

How to use tesa® Mounting Glue for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/cm²

Whenever you need to mount something flat like a skirting board or cornice on a sensitive surface like wallpaper, then our Mounting Glue is precisely what you need. It’s solvent free, easy to use and to paint over - and of course it’s super strong, too. Not suitable for use on PE, PP, PTFE or surfaces with a non-stick coating (e.g. silicon).


Clean your surface and apply the adhesive

Cleaning your surface with a dust-free cloth will ensure optimal holding power. Always test the load-bearing capacity of your surface before mounting. Apply the adhesive in neat lines (or dots if it’s small or lightweight) to the object you’re mounting or to the surface itself – whichever is rougher. Be sure to leave space between the lines so the water-based formula can dry.

Applying tesa® Mounting Glue for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/cm².
tesa SE
Applying tesa® Mounting Glue for Wallpaper & Plaster 10kg/cm².


Position the object

Now you can simply mount your object to the wall. Keep a cloth or sponge handy to wipe away any excess adhesive.

Positioning the object.
tesa SE
Positioning the object.


Allow to dry

Whatever you’re mounting, whether it’s a cornice, skirting board or decorative plasterwork, you can make small adjustments before the adhesive sets. When you’re satisfied, make sure you press it home to ensure a perfect bond, pushing down firmly across its entire surface. Then simply wait for at least 48 hours for the Mounting Glue to dry.

Allow adhesive to dry.
tesa SE
Allow adhesive to dry.