Gift Wraps For Books

Gift Wrap Ideas for Books – Designing Creative Gift Wrapping Yourself

Books have been fascinating to people for many centuries. Conveying and conserving knowledge, terrifying us or making us laugh. Ever since the digital age began, there have been prophecies of doom for the book. But that’s far from the truth. Many “bookworms” still prefer their words and pictures contained between two physical covers and can’t really get used to e-book readers.

Because they are so multi-faceted, books always make for good presents - not only for book lovers. A book can bring great joy – if you have the right “read” on the recipient’s preferences. And there’s even more joy when that book is given in a creative and stylish wrapping. Sure, from the boxy outline, you can guess it’s a book but there’s still the mystery which one. And after all, who doesn’t enjoy unwrapping gifts?

Gifting Books – Making your Own Original Gift Wrap

Gift-wrapping books, that’s a doable challenge even for rookies. The shape makes it easy to put the wrap all around the book. And it’s even easier to have the bookseller do it for you. But you don’t want it simple, you want it original, right? And that’s where our wrapping ideas come in.

In our video clip, we’ll show you how you can create unique gift wraps with just a little time and effort. All you need are the right materials and the innovative adhesive solutions from tesa.

Folding, cutting, gluing, decorating and maybe writing something on it – and there you go: a creative gift wrap that is a joy to look at! Please consider our selection of colors and decorations as suggestions only. And now, have fun with our video Clip!