Strong bond, no residue – new tesa® 64948 lens-grinding tape

According to the Vision Council of America, 64 percent of the adult population worldwide wear eyeglasses. Another 11 percent wear contact lenses, bringing the total to three-quarters of adults using some type of visual aid. And the market is continuing to grow. Recent trends such as working from home have significantly increased the demand for prescription eyeglasses.

May 12, 2022


But did you know how an individually adjusted pair of eyeglasses is produced? The most important step is merging the frame with the glass lenses. The glass lenses need to fit the form of the frame. Lens grinding is the contouring of these glass blanks – representing a major industry for which we are now launching the new tesa® 64948.

The new tesa® 64948 lens-grinding tape is very convenient to use. The tape was developed to meet growing market and production requirements for multiple coatings on lenses. The goal was that our tape connects the glass to the adapter of the lens-grinding machine reliably – even under challenging conditions.

Lens grinding is a demanding application due to the wide variety of adhesion surfaces used. Therefore, the new tesa® 64948 is designed to provide a single lens-grinding tape for as many types of lenses and coatings as possible. It is even suitable for so-called hydrophobic coatings that are considered as very critical by many opticians. For a lens-grinding tape like tesa® 64948, it is crucial that it holds securely on this wide variety of different surfaces without shifting during the grinding process and most importantly without damaging the sensitive surfaces.

With tesa® 64948, errors and damage during grinding can be reliably avoided. It allows easy and fast lens-grinding operations without cleaning, removing, or resticking the tape. This means that the tape performs in line with the requirements of the process and the customers.

How does the tape do this? The new tesa® 64948 lens-grinding tape consists of a special PE-foam blend coated on both sides with a specialty adhesive. Thanks to this structure, tesa® 64948 excellently fulfills the three most important requirements of a lens-grinding tape:

  • First, it provides very good initial peel adhesion on critical surfaces such as coated and hydrophobic lenses.
  • Second, it keeps the lenses in the exact position during production, even in hydrophobic environments.
  • Third, it leaves no residue on the glass or on the adapter.

Testing the new tesa® 64948 lens-grinding tape

In the fast-growing optical market, service is also of vital importance. As one of the world’s leading tape manufacturers, tesa is a competent partner from start to finish. The new tape is mainly aimed at specialized converters with a focus on the optical supply industry and available as pre-material for die-cutting and converting operations.

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