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tesa® ACXplus 772XX Base Line

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tesa® ACXplus 772XX

tesa® ACXplus 772XX is a single layer acrylic foam tape designed for automotive attachment parts. Its viscoelastic acrylic foam core achieves reliable and high bonding performance on a variety of substrates and can withstand changing environmental conditions throughout the lifetime of a vehicle.


Facts and figures

Good converting properties
Good dynamic and static shear resistance over a wide temperature range
High UV resistance
Product designConstructionLiner and tabbingStatic shear resistance at heat
Single layerPure acrylic foamPV31 – white film liner 1

50099 and 50699
adhesive tabbing

PV34 – white film

50699 adhesive tabbing

PV04 – white PE coated
paper liner 3
90 °C
> 10,000 min
  1. Not available for 77204
  2. Available for 77204 and 77208 only
  3. Available for 77204 only

The series

AssortmentThickness [mm]
tesa® 772040.4
tesa® 772060.6
tesa® 772080.8
tesa® 772101.0
tesa® 772121.2

Example in the series

Up to 27 N/cm

Adhesion to steel after 72 hours

tesa® 77212

Up to 12 N/cm

Adhesion to ABS after 72 hours

tesa® 77212

Up to 37 N/cm1

Adhesion to PP after 72 hours

tesa® 77212 - Using tesa® 60153 primer1

-40 to +80 °C

Temperature range

tesa® 77212

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