How to use tesa® Mounting Glue For Brick & Stone 23kg/cm2.

Using tesa® Mounting Glue For Brick & Stone 23kg/cm²

The smart and permanent way to mount objects on rough and solid outdoor surfaces.

Step-by-step video tutorial

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How to use tesa® Mounting Glue For Brick & Stone 23kg/m²

This Mounting Glue is not only seriously strong (holding 23kg/cm²; according to DIN EN 205), it’s also weatherproof, handles any temperature from -40°C to 90°C. It is made to provide a reliable, permanent hold on rough and solid surfaces like brick walls, even outside. No drills, no noise, no mess, no stress.
Not suitable for any non-stick materials or natural/artificial stone, bitumen, PE, PP, PTFE or acrylic.

Cleaning the surface.

01Clean the surface

Use a brush to remove as much dust, grime or grease from your surface as possible as these will inhibit the glue’s effectiveness.

Applying tesa® Mounting Glue For Brick & Stone 23kg/cm².

02Apply the adhesive

Apply the glue in dots or lines either to the surface or to the object you’re mounting, which ever is the rougher. Make sure you leave enough space between them – around 10cm - for the glue to dry.

Mounting an item using tesa® Mounting Glue For Brick & Stone 23kg/cm².

03Position the object

Simply press the object – in this case a mailbox – to the surface. As the glue has yet to harden, you can now adjust the object so it’s in precisely the right position, and then use a cloth to wipe away any residual glue that has seeped out around the edges.

Allowing the adhesive to dry.

04Allow to dry

Whatever you’re mounting, whether it’s mailbox, a light fixture or a shelf, press down firmly across the entire surface to get as close a bond as possible, then leave it (supported if necessary) for at least 48 hours. Heavier items need to be supported. Depending on the material, the final strength is reached after up to 3 weeks.