Easy Cover Precision Paper Standard application

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Whether a frequent sprayer, or just getting started out, our range of professional spraying masking tapes and easy cover masking films can save you time and money, making fast, efficient and quality spraying possible

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Created with spray painting professionals and techniques in mind, our spraying assortment of Easy Cover® and Precision Mask® tapes are engineered to provide razor sharp edges and minimise the impact of any accidental overspray when spraying paint or plaster. With your spraying experience and our professional assortment, you can produce outstanding results!

No matter which spraying machine you have – Airless Paint Sprayers, HVLP Paint Sprayers, LVLP Paint Sprayers, Gravity Feed Spray Guns or Compressed Air Paint Sprayers – our tapes meet all you requirements.

Important Tools

Correct masking is one of the most important aspects when undertaking spray painting

The Correct Products

Making sure you use the correct products can set you apart from the competition

Time Savings

The right masking products for the job will remove the need for re-touches or removing residues left over