Indoor Masking Tapes

Professional painters know that precise, razor- sharp paint edges with no paint bleed call not only for great skill on the part of the tradesperson, but also for the right masking tape. We have therefore developed a full assortment specifically for the requirements of indoor masking and renovating.

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Masking tapes for painting and decorating must be able to cope with a number of factors: Firstly, they must be easy to apply and bond reliably to surfaces, so there is no risk of paint seeping underneath ( no paint bleed ). Secondly, they should be removed without leaving adhesive residues or tearing. Lastly, they must provide a razor-sharp paint edge for a professional finish. Our indoor masking tape range has been developed to meet all of these demands, from precision masking to low tack wallpaper masking

Masking Tape for Indoor Painting and Decorating

tesa® Precision Mask®

Precise Razor Sharp Paint Edge, Indoor and Outdoor Application, 6 Month Residue Free Removal,

tesa® Precision Mask® Sensitive

Low Tack for Delicate Surfaces, Ideal for use on Wallpaper and Freshly Painted Surfaces, 14 Day Indoor Residue Free Removal,

tesa® Painters Tape

General Purpose Masking, Indoor Use Only, 3 and 7 Day Versions Available,

Indoor Masking Tape Products