tesa Easy Cover Outdoor

tesa Easy Cover®

tesa Easy Cover® is the ultimate 2-in-1 masking system for protecting areas from paint splatter or overspray during painting when decorating or restoration whether indoors or outdoors, when using paint, plaster or render: With the tesa Easy Cover® assortment, you can find the appropriate product for any use.

2 in 1 Tape and protection film

Easy to use for covering areas you wish to protect

Time and Money Saving

No need to spend extra time or money on double taping

Many different options

Indoor and out, paper or film, with these options your surface is covered

tesa Easy Cover® For Indoor Applications

Spraying a kitchen with tesa Easy Cover®

Masking a kitchen with tesa Easy Cover®

tesa Easy Cover® for indoor applications consists either of a premium painter’s tape specific for indoor applications or the market leading tesa Precision Mask® washi tape, combined with a special protective paper or statically charged, recyclable PE film. Both the paper and film attract and anchor droplets of paint to its surface to minimise accidental paint spillage or overspray.

tesa Easy Cover® Paper - Masking paper up to 300mm wide, is perfectly suitable for masking skirtingboards, around windows and covering banisters, it can be handled easily even without a dispenser. tesa Easy Cover® Paper can come in either tesa Precision Mask® Washi tape for that precise, no paint bleed edge, or standard paper tape options.

tesa Easy Cover® with film protection also comes in both standard paper tape or tesa Precision Mask® washi tape options, however with the PE film option you can cover larger areas, up to 2.6m in one drop, allowing you the freedom to protect kitchen units, furniture or flooring quickly and easily.

30112020 Kitchen Borough Green_SF23 Plus_5D_ (329)_HighRes

tesa Easy Cover® with Dispenser

28072020 Spraying projects_Tesa Tapes_5D_Mask up to spray walls (354)_HighRes

Large areas can be covered easily

28072020 Spraying projects_Tesa Tapes_5D_Handrails and Spindles (531)_HighRes

Perfect for many painting applications

28072020 Spraying projects_Tesa Tapes_5D_Mask up to spray walls (411)_HighRes

Protect from over spray and paint splatter


tesa 4451 Double Taped Masking Paper

tesa 4451 Double Taped Masking Paper

The new member to the tesa Easy Cover® family is the tesa Easy Cover® for Spray Painting, this paper masking tape is equiped with two sides with masking tape, to make masking up even quicker and easier, so that you have two securely fixed sides of masking paper to the surface.

The tesa Easy Cover® for Spray Painting is the perfect partner for painting with brushes, rollers and sprayers, it is also the best masking option when using the Wagner Nespri - Tec system which reduces overspray considerably. You only need a masking paper approx 200-300mm wide due to the accuracy of the spray system, this helps reduce waste, which is a benefit of the Nespri - Tec system which uses less paint and speeds up the spray painting process.


tesa Easy Cover® for Outdoor Applications

We know that outside work is not condusive to perfect conditions smooth surfaces or standard painting processes, so we have a tesa Easy Cover® suitable for rough surfaces which which are UV and weather resistant as well as suitable for rough surfaces like brickwork or render. The tesa Easy Cover® range for outdoor applications consists of a cloth tape instead of a paper or washi tape, which is more suitable for the surfaces associated with outdoor work. The combined film is thicker to withstand various weather patterns as well as thicker and heavier coating systems such as render, plaster or spray filler.

20112020 Spray Plaster_tesa tapes_5D_Breezeblock Wall_(149)_HighRes

tesa Easy Cover® for rough surfaces like brick and render

20112020 Spray Plaster_tesa tapes_5D_Spray square_(108)_HighRes

Perfect masked lines on concrete


Covering large areas outside, quickly and easily

tesa Easy Cover Outdoor

Weather and UV resistant

tesa Easy Cover® For Outdoor Applications