tesa Craftsmen Professional Easy Cover Precision, 33m:14mm

Large Area Masking

The optimum protection for large areas and individual protective covers in the blink of an eye Indoors and Outdoors: With the tesa® Easy Cover® assortment for protecting large areas while renovating and painting, you can find the appropriate product for any indoor use.

tesa Easy Cover®

tesa Easy Cover® is a two-in-one Masking Tape combined with a special protective paper or PE film available in both Indoor and Outdoor variants. Making covering of furniture or windows a fast and efficient masking process making double-masking a thing of the past.

tesa Easy Cover® Indoor consists of a Premium Painter’s Tape specific for Indoor applications, combined with a special protective paper or statically charged PE film, which attracts small droplets of paint to it to minimise accidental paint spillage and slow down paint drops

tesa Easy Cover® Precision is the new two-in-one solution for time-saving indoor masking and covering that consists of the highly popular tesa® 4334 Precision Mask® for razor sharp, no paint bleed masked lines and a statically charged film, that prevents dry paint flaking and covers windows and door ways.

Also available for large area masking and protection

tesa 4848 has a waterbased acrylic adhesive and polyethylene backing which is transparent, features UV resistance of up to 4 weeks - especially on glass. tesa 4848 shows no residues after 250 hours.

Additionally, tesa 4848 is easy to unwind, is highly conformable, hand tearable and resistant to chemcials, physical stress and moisture and is perfect for covering glass, flooring and many surfaces during decorating or renovating

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Faux Creations Jason Ebers discusses tesa® Easy Cover®


tesa® Indoor Large Area Masking